About SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

We believe that experiences have the power to transform us and show us something novel within ourselves.
SUMMIT One Vanderbilt will be New York City’s most thrilling destination. An experience that takes advantage of One Vanderbilt’s Midtown location, height and views, while truly immersing visitors in a spectacular way. New York City is the culture capital of the world, we are proud to add to that great legacy.

— Marc Holliday, Chairman and CEO, SL Green Realty Corp.

A family outing of four on a high-rise observation deck in NYC, admiring a panoramic city view at sunset.

The SUMMIT Story

Anchoring the modernization of Manhattan, One Vanderbilt shines like a beacon to the world with its iconic shape setting a new standard for architecture in New York. Measuring 1,401 feet tall, One Vanderbilt is the tallest commercial skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan and among the top 30 tallest buildings in the world.
SUMMIT One Vanderbilt was conceived as an NYC immersive art experience that compels you to question your perception of the built environment, the natural world around you, and your sensorial reality.
Construction of One Vanderbilt included New York City’s largest continuous concrete pour, totaling 4,200 cubic yards over a period of 18 hours.
The tuned mass damper, installed in the crown of the NYC skyline building to reduce vibrations and swaying, weighs 10 tons.

SUMMIT’s Ascent is the highest rack-and-pinion elevator system in the world, and at 90 square feet each, the largest glass floor elevators in the world.

100% of NYC building construction was completed with union labor.


Produced by SL Green

The premier developer of New York’s skyline and the producer of this transformational experience.

Immersive Art Experience by Kenzo Digital

An artist at the forefront of modern culture, specializing in the creation of mind-bending, emotionally powerful stories using physical space as canvas.

Interior Design by Snøhetta

The Oslo-based design firm creates work that strives to enhance our sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others.

Food and Cocktails by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events

The creators of unparalleled dining experiences throughout New York City and beyond, distinguished by culinary excellence and exceptional hospitality.